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Tutorial: 2-D and 3-D electrical imaging surveys

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Geotomo Software, Inc (2010)



The author, M.H.Loke, retains the copyright to this set of notes. Users may print acopy of the notes, but may not alter the contents in any way. The copyright otices must be retained. For public distribution, prior approval by the author is required. It is hoped that the information provided will prove useful for those carrying out 2-D and 3-D field surveys, but the author will not assume responsibility for any damage or loss caused by any errors in the information provided. If you find any errors, please inform me by email and I will make every effort to correct it in the next edition.
You can download the programs mentioned in the text (RES2DMOD, RES2DINV,
RES3DMOD, RES3DINV) from the following Web site