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Estimation of the biological activity of peat soils from the specific electrical resistance

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Eurasian Soil Science, Volume 41, Issue 10, p.1077 - 1082 (2008)


1064-2293, 1556-195X



Ключевые слова (Keywords):

histosols, LandMapper, peat soil, soil biological activity, soil microbiology


The parameters of the potential biological activity (respiration, methanogenesis, nitrogen fixation,and denitrification) of drained peat soils were analyzed as depending on their morphological, chemical, and
electrical properties. A high positive correlation was found between the potential respiration of the soil and its
electrical resistance, because these parameters depended on the same soil properties: the ash content, the cation
exchange capacity, etc. The correlation was disturbed under a significant adverse impact of the soil water–air
regime on the microbial community, which was difficult to detect from the resistance. No correlation of anaerobic
methanogenesis and denitrification with the resistance was found. The revealed relationships can find wide
use in the study of the spatial distribution of the potential biological activity of soils, which will allow deriving
more correct and representative data.