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Low-cost GPS logger

I had tested a small gadget called GPS logger from Columbus Visiontac. Complete product name-description is:

Product name

Product Features

Where to buy


Columbus V-990 GPS Data Logger (microSD Slot, Voice Recording, 66 ch. MTK)


  • A good data logger still needs practical track processing software. Time Album attached to V-990 can help you freely process track.Time Album has various personalized settings.
  • It can export track according to distance or time, select metric or imperial unit or record intervals, and support various operating systems including WINDOWS, MAC OS and LINUX.
  • V-990 adopts the currently most advanced and stable MTKII 3329 super single chip, with only 35s and 1s required respectively for cold start and warm start.
  • It can realize rapid and stable positioning under various environments including urban district and suburb.
  • The built-in high-capacity Li-polymer battery can allow you to use the device all day (24hrs).

Columbus V-900 Bluetooth GPS Data Logger (microSD , Voice Tag for POI, Driverless, Push to Log, 25 millions waypoints*, XP / Vista/ Linux / Mac OSX Compatible)

  • 51 channels MTK chipset with enhanced positioning system technology (up to 1.5m accuracy with EPS Technology
  • Voice-Tag function with built-in microphone allows adding live voice labels to any waypoint
  • MicroSD Slot with support up to 2GB* capacity (about 25,000,000 waypoints, more than 2 years) *NOTE: 1GB microSD card is optional in the package
  • Push-To-Log (POI anchor key) enables you to mark a POI at any time
  • Unique SPY mode allows continuous standby logging of more than one month

I tested it on some trips about a year ago. It is out of stock on most websites now, I don't know what’s going on, but I have it and it is a cool little device both for fun and for field research. The cool feature is if you carry your digital camera and set up time in it to minute upon return to office you can link those pictures with Lat/Long and post on Google Earth for others to review. Or you can collect voice notes or waypoints and then load them to your PC and merge with other measurements. If you have it in your car all the time, it trucks your routs and date-stamp them so you can review notes and places you've been and merge that with soil maps, satellite imagery, etc.

Indispensable for mobile Ag Consultant! I even tried to log EC data from LandMapper to merge with locations. It has worked a year ago, but now dis-organized as I am, I lost manual and software which came with it for PC communication. It still works and I have a whole bunch of data on it from recent trip to Winnie, TX - I was there mapping soil salinity on rice fields, but I cannot get it out!:( I will continue searching internet and my house, but may be someone can help with this??? Ok, that was pretty easy. Here is manufacturer website for downloads.

Current versions are

Columbus V-990 User Manual V1.0 English Version

Columbus V-900 User Manual V1.2 English Version updated 08-11-10 1.29M

Columbus V-900 User Manual V3.0 English Version (January 2012)

Time Album V1.9.1 English Version (for Windows)
Time Album V1.8 English Version 

 I will try to set up my laptop with this and get those data out!

Setup instruction:

  1. Download and install Java (free, click here to download). It will ask you to verify your version of Java.
  2. Download and unzip the Time Album application (see link above).
  3. Launch the TimeAlbum application by double clicking on the unzip file above.


Seatle 47° 36' 22.356" N, 122° 19' 55.4556" W
32° 19' 45.2136" N, 142° 1' 52.5" E


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