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The effect of long-term liquid manure application on permanent perennial grasses agrocenosis and sod-podzolic sandy-loam soil properties by traditional and electric methods

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Problems of Agrochemistry and Ecology, Issue 1, p.22 - 29 (2015)



agriculture, LandMapper, manure, sandy soil


This research is a first attempt to apply electric methods to evaluate the effect of regular use of different dosesof liquid manure for 31 years on the change of the sod-podzolic sandy loam soil properties at permanent brome-grass (Bromopsis inermis Leyss.) cultivation. From the values of cation exchange capacity and total carbon content the interdependence of different levels of soil fertility and soil electrical resistivity was established. The electrical resistivity indicates inappropriate use of manure in doses exceeding N300, whereas on the basis the productivity level and soil properties indexes this dose can amount to N700.